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Video of Bike Park Livigno (IT)


Bike Park Livigno, Italy
Very close to the border of Switzerland, there is a great Bike Park “Livigno, Italy”. You’ve got everything on your fingertips, flow, tables, jumps, shores and of course the swatch jump.. defenitely one of my favorite parks.

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Bike Weekend in Livigno (IT)



Bike Park Livigno
Had a great Bike Weekend at Bike Park Livigno. It was my first time there and I do really like this Park. It’s full of flow and jumps.

more pictures

Karin - Wall

Karin - Drop


They have this Swatch Bike Park – Big AIR Bag. That was my first time I ever jumped on that Bag. It’s really easy, but I have to confess that I was really scared – I almost didn’t do it:

Karin @Swatch Bike Park - Air Bag Jump

see the video:

On Sunday, it was a little bit wet and I couldn’t get the curve after a woody North Shore, so I just drove strait a head between two Trees, fell front flip over my Bike and my really hard but stylish saddle cut my leg off (I guess it’s time for a new saddle):


more pix on flickr:

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