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Eurobike 09 – POC


The new lightweight Carbon Helmet “Cortex DH” has this MIPS-system… I personally do really like the new technology.

The MIPS Technology mimics one of the safety sysems which already exist in the human head. When the head is subjected to an oblique impact, the brain can slide along a membrane on the inner surface of the skull, which reduces the force transmitted to the brain. The MIPS-system allows the shell to slide on top of the liner and do thereby reduce the rotational energy to the brain at impact.

…also I do love that stylish “Crash Dummy” optic:


Eurobike 09 – Body Protection

My two favorite Body Armor, the iXS Battle Jacket EVO Lady and the SIXSIXONE Evo Pressure Suit.


Eurobike 09 – Brooks

I just loved the Brooks Stand:

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